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Aprés Gel - X

$ 65+

I am officially certified with Aprés Nail Systems

for Gel-X application.


Aprés is the pioneer in soft gel technology and I exclusively use their system together. Aprés full coverage gel nails offer convenient removal, no odor and minimal filing is needed. This service includes basic cuticle exfoliation and single color gel polish.

Accent Finger Nail art is included.  Level I or II Nail art can also be added, click here. 

The different nail shapes I offer are Round, Square, Stiletto and Coffin. I offer short, medium and long lengths as well as Extra-long in Stiletto and Tapered Coffin.

**Re-shaping is an add-on service

Example: Almond, Lipstick, Ballerina, Squoval

You will will receive a new set every visit.

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