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Sculpted Hard Gel

 $ 80 +


I am officially certified with Light Elegance to provide excellent services with their products.

Sculpted nails are created in a free-form style. They're built with hard gel and forms that are placed individually on each finger as the extension is created.

I exclusively use Light Elegance products which are HEMA free, Hypoallergenic, 9-free, Cruelty-free, Vegan and Gluten free.


This type of nail service allows many options for customization. You can change the length or shape easily by sculpting. Once finished, you will have a truly unique set of nails.

Sculpted nails get filled (re-balanced) every 2-3 weeks to keep the apex of your nail properly positioned at the stress point.

Hard gel is more flexible and stronger than acrylic, but it's not as rigid. Hard gel can also withstand greater pressure, and it is less likely to break or crack than acrylic.

Hard Gel is not soaked off like other gel products. It gets carefully filed to the base layer to fully remove or if you're getting a fill/rebalance then just the color is filed off and new product is applied.

The time allotted for sculpted nails, as well as the cost, will vary due to the length/shape of the nails you want.  Any color gel or art can be added to your sculpted nails.


** This service does not include nail art but any level nail art can be added by selecting an add-on.

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